Magic Plus Water Ionizer

$ 8,980

7-layer platinum-plated electrode plate
Double filter element, ten layers of protection
Higher redox potential than similar products on the market: -800mV
Automatic cleaning system
4 stages of alkaline water, 2 stages of acid water, water purification function
Front door opening design makes it easy to replace the filter element by yourself
LCD display shows filter element life
Save energy, power consumption is almost zero in standby mode
Can handle various water quality SMPS
Automatic flow path switching device to extend electrode life
KFDA, KCL testing and certification
US NFS water quality certification

Electrolytic plate material: Platinum-coated titanium electrolytic plate

Number of electrolytic plates: 7 pieces

Cleaning method: automatic cleaning system

Acid-base water: pH 8.5~10/5.5~2.7

Number of filter elements: 2 filter elements

Service life: 1st filter element months (3,000L), 2nd filter element 12months (6,000L)

Filter element replacement method: Open the front door

Filter Material: Filter 1 - Sediment, Lump Carbon/UF, Filter 2 - Activated Carbon, Negative Ion Ceramic, Felt

Voltage: 100V~240V, 50~60 Hz

Energy consumption: 170 VA, SMPS power supply plate

Operating temperature: 4~55℃

Water pressure: 0.5~6kg/cm2

Protection system: fuse 4 A, bimetallic strip, built-in temperature sensor

Size: 360mm(H)×290mm(W)×145mm(D)

Weight: about 4kg