Installation charges and terms

Installation charges and terms

1. Basic installation of water dispenser $580, reinstallation $680

Electrolyzed water machine and direct drinking water machine
Direct connection from the washbasin faucet or switch to the water machine is a basic installation (the water machine must have a water connection switch within 2 meters and a power supply within 1 meter). Excludes table top transition.

The charges beyond basic installation are as follows:

1.1 Change throat HK400-500 (package material)

1.2 HK30 per meter for 2 water pipes of the water dispenser. If the water pipe exceeds one meter, it will be calculated as two meters.

1.4 Man-made marble surface openings cost HK280 each, real marble openings depend on the quality of the marble, and cabinet openings cost HK50 each.

1.5 The charges for water pipe accessories are as follows: network pipe HK60, three-way connection accessories HK150, and other connection accessories HK50.

2. Basic installation of electric clothes hanger $800, reinstallation $1000

Direct installation on the ceiling of the concrete ceiling is a basic installation, and it is subject to a qualified power supply and independent wall switch system. Extending the power cord requires additional charges. Installation on a false ceiling requires additional charges and the cost of materials used. , basic installation does not include chandeliers/crystal lamps/heavy-duty lamps and old lamp disposal and disassembly services.

2.1 False ceiling installation surcharge starts at $800, including materials (subject to actual conditions after checking the location. If the false ceiling is blocked by a large number of air-conditioning pipes, fire pipes and wires, it cannot be installed). If special installation methods are required, please quote separately.

2.2 Power-on switch, HK500 each, material cost extra

2.3 Extend the power cord
HK200 for the first meter, HK150 for each subsequent meter, and the extra meter will be calculated as two meters (including materials)

2.4 Installation height
The outdoor terrace height exceeds 3 meters, the width is less than 1.5 meters, and the depth is less than 1 meter plus HK300 and above (depending on the actual environment), while the indoor installation height exceeds 3 meters and the price is HK300 and above (depending on the actual environment)

3. Charge for going upstairs
If you need to use the stairs to go upstairs during the transportation process, you will be charged HK50 per floor.

4. Seat viewing fee HK350

5. Remote charging, Ma Wan/other remote areas HK300, Discovery Bay/Sha Tau Kok and outlying island areas
Starting from HK500

6. An additional $200 will be charged for expedited installation.

7. Any additional costs beyond basic installation will be quoted and confirmed before installation.

8. Our company will not be responsible for any damage or breakage caused during the installation and dismantling process.