Alpinika Illyria Rock Series - 24cn Double Handle Saucepan

$ 880$ 220

Original imported from Italy

The design is inspired by rocks, nature and minerals

The seven-layer reinforced inner layer is formulated with minerals and has excellent hardness and heat resistance.

High-quality materials ensure the pot’s durability and resistance to scratches

Healthy cooking, the coating does not contain PFOA, ensuring harmlessness and safety

The ergonomic soft-touch handle ensures firmness and reliability during cooking, and the handle is made of heat-insulating material. Applicable to: gas stove, electric stove, electric ceramic stove, dishwasher

Pot mouth diameter: 24cm

Material: stamped aluminum

Thickness: 2.4cm

Painting process Roller

Inner coating: PTFE marble gray white spots; 7 kinds of mineral particles super corrosion-resistant layer; outer coating: marble gray, 7 layers of mineral particles

Handle: black phenolic resin, fixed handle welding + fireproof cover