Suspended circulation comfort fan

$ 599$ 299

Wireless use, suspended swing, vertical folding, night breathing light, 4 levels of wind speed

touch switch

Precise indicator icons, intelligent control

4 levels of wind adjustment / 120∘ rotation / breathing light / one-touch trigger, child lock, more secure to use

5 feather fan blade design, dynamic balance calibration in both directions of radial axis

Intensive cutting airflow, combined with the air guide hood, evenly distributes the air, making the body feel soft and comfortable

Silent operation, safe motor, smooth operation and quieter operation, the air duct curve is aerodynamic, which is more conducive to air flow and reduces noise

Charging input: DC5V, 1A

Gear position: 4 gear switching

Working time: 1.5-10h

Battery specifications: 4000mAh

Charging time: 6-8h

Product weight: 700±20g

#Wireless use