Under-cabinet pre-filter

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Under-cabinet water filter-UWF-F08PM

1. It operates without power supply. The water filter does not require power supply to operate, so you can use clean water whenever you turn on the faucet.

2. Simple filter element replacement: It is easy to replace the filter element when placed horizontally; there is no need to go to the house to provide replacement service.

3. UF ultrafiltration membrane filtration can effectively remove rust, odor, chlorine, and bacteria, while retaining minerals and improving the taste of drinking water.

4. Extremely space-saving design. Extremely lightweight and streamlined design, suitable for placement almost anywhere.

Specifications Product model: UWF-F08PM(Premium kit)

Filter method:

1. Pre Carbon Filter

2.UF ultrafiltration membrane filter element Ultra Filtration Filter

3. Post Carbon Filter Post Carbon Filter

Water pressure: 0.2MPa-0.9MPa

Dimensions: W252 x D110 x H258mm

Weight: 4.5 KG

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