8200F hot and cold vertical water dispenser

$ 8,980$ 6,180


1. Large-capacity water tank design, 2.5L hot water and 2.5L frozen water, can meet the water consumption of large households and commercial purposes.

2.UF ultrafiltration membrane filtration effectively removes rust, odor, chlorine, and bacteria while retaining minerals

3. Electricity saving function. If you only need the freezing water function, you can turn off the hot water switch separately to reduce electricity consumption.

4. Anti-scald safety button design: The safety design prevents you from accidentally touching the hot water button and avoids burns.

Product size: W255 x D482 x H1150 (upright)

Hot water capacity: 12.5L Cold water capacity: 2.5L Hot/cold water temperature: 3°C to 90°C

Filter element: 3 pieces Voltage: 220~240V 60HZ

Origin: Original imported from South Korea

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