B400F hot and cold vertical water dispenser

$ 13,800$ 11,800

1. Large-capacity water tank design: 3.5L hot water and 4.8L frozen water. The frozen water can be discharged continuously for 3 minutes, which can meet the water consumption of large households and commercial purposes.

2.99.9% UV ultraviolet sterilization automatically disinfects the water outlet level every two hours, and automatically sterilizes the water tank for 7 minutes every 12 hours. It is equipped with a 304 food-grade stainless steel water tank and harmless UV-C for disinfection to ensure sterility and prevent secondary pollution.

3. RO reverse osmosis filtration has a filtration density of 0.0001 micron, which can remove viruses and bacteria and can dissolve lead, pesticides, chlorine and chemical substances.

4. Two-stage hot water temperature design: hot water (85°C ~ 90°C) and boiling water (90°C ~ 95°C) are easy to use and will have light and sound prompts

Product size: W255 x D520 x H1150 (standing)

Hot/cold water temperature: 3.5°C to 90°C, boiling water up to 97°C

Hot water capacity: 3.5L Cold water capacity: 4.8L (1.8L more than other direct drinking water dispensers of the same level)

Filter element: 4 filter elements (water purification PP cotton, pre-activated carbon, RO reverse osmosis membrane, post-activated carbon)

Voltage: 220~240V 60HZ

Origin: Original imported from South Korea

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