B100C hot and cold drinking water dispenser

$ 6,980$ 5,180

1. Large capacity water tank design, 1.65L hot water and 2.5L frozen water, can handle 30L water flow per hour, which can meet the water consumption of large households and commercial purposes.
2.UF ultrafiltration membrane filtration effectively removes rust, odor, chlorine, and bacteria while retaining minerals
3. Two button water dispensing methods: press the water dispensing or turn the button to continuously dispensing water to meet the needs of different users.
4. Anti-scald safety button design: The safety design prevents you from accidentally touching the hot water button and avoids burns.
5. Use 304 stainless steel water tank, which is clean and hygienic to prevent bacterial growth.
Capacity: 1.65L hot water 2.5L frozen water
Filter method:
1.PP cotton pre-activated carbon filter element PP Fiber & Carbon Block Filter
2.KDF post-activated carbon filter KDF & Active Carbon Filter
3.UF ultrafiltration membrane filter UF Membrane Filter
Voltage: 220-240V
Energy consumption: heating 300W, cooling 85W
Dimensions: W255 x D490 x H500mm
Weight: 15KG
Shipped from Korean original factory