A400D instant hot and cold drinking water dispenser

$ 10,800$ 6,280


1.JIK.SOO water tankless design adopts instant filter water tankless design and 304 food grade stainless steel internal water pipe to prevent the growth of bacteria and no more boiling water and boiling water.

2.99.9% UV ultraviolet sterilization automatically runs every two hours for 10 minutes each time. Harmless UV-C disinfects to ensure sterility and prevent secondary pollution.

3. Infant exclusive milk powder water temperature. Press one button to select the water temperature suitable for infant formula milk powder, providing maximum convenience for parents.

4.Nanotech nanofiltration effectively removes rust, odor, chlorine, bacteria, microorganisms and viruses while retaining minerals

5. Intelligent light touch button 4 types of temperature and water capacity, one-touch control of hot and cold, water volume and other functions

6. The child safety button is located at children's eye level, allowing room temperature water to be taken out safely, and has an anti-scalding safety lock to avoid hot water burns.

7. Won the Red Dot Design Award. Ultra-thin 17 cm stylish and ultra-thin appearance, won the Red Dot Design Award.


Filter method:

1. Antibacterial Sediment Filter

2. Composite Carbon Block Filter

3. Nanotech PAC Filter

Voltage: 220-240V

Energy consumption: heating 2900W, cooling 0.6A

Dimensions: W170 x D495 x H390mm

Weight: 12.1 KG

Shipped from Korean original factory