Ice cube hot and cold water dispenser I200D

$ 19,800$ 14,000

1. Automatic ice making function
0.75kg ice storage capacity, you can choose large or small ice particles, and it is also equipped with an ice level indicator to let users clearly understand the usage amount

2.JIK.SOO water tankless design
It adopts an instant-filter water tank-less design and 304 food-grade stainless steel internal water pipes to improve hygiene and prevent bacterial growth. Boiling water and boiling water are no longer necessary.

3.99.9%UV ultraviolet sterilization
It runs automatically every two hours, and the storage refrigerator is UV disinfected twice a day, each time lasting 3 hours, to ensure that the ice cubes are clean and hygienic, and harmless UV-C is used for disinfection to ensure sterility and prevent secondary pollution.

4.Nanotech nanofiltration
Effectively removes rust, odor, chlorine, bacteria, microorganisms and viruses while retaining minerals

5. Smart touch buttons
Chilled water, room temperature water and 3 levels of hot water temperature (45-60 degrees for mother and baby, 70 degrees for tea making mode, 85-90 degrees for hot water)
and 4 water outlet capacity options

6. Intelligent movable water outlet
The water outlet can be adjusted up and down by 3cm according to the capacity and height to minimize water splashing.

Capacity: ice pellets 0.75KG
Filter method:
1. Antibacterial Sediment Filter
2. Composite Carbon Block Filter
3. Nanotech PAC Filter
Voltage: 220-240V
Energy consumption: hot water 2900W, frozen water 0.6A, ice particles 0.65A
Dimensions: W255 x D500 x H493mm
Weight: 18.3 KG