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Reasons why tap water has impurities, peculiar smell and turns white

During the storage and transmission of drinking water, some common problems often occur, including heavy metals/impurities, odors, and white tap water.


First, the problem of heavy metals and impurities may stem from the presence of lead in water pipe fittings and solders, or from rust in older pipes. These substances may be mixed into drinking water, and when the drinking water flows through water pipes to household faucets, it will flow out together. In addition, even if drinking water has been disinfected with chlorine, it may still contain bacteria such as Cryptosporidium parvum, E. coli, Salmonella and enterovirus. If this water is consumed without proper treatment, it may lead to health problems such as diarrhea.


Secondly, the odor problem may be due to the fact that the drinking water itself contains chlorine for disinfection, and the detergents and volatile organic compounds used during cleaning of water tanks or construction projects seep into the drinking water. The presence of these substances will cause the drinking water to have a strange smell.

Finally, the problem of white tap water is usually caused by the water in the plumbing system containing dissolved air under pressure. When the pressure of the water drops, the water will release dissolved air, forming a large number of bubbles, making the water appear milky white.


The occurrence of these problems may have an impact on the quality of drinking water. Therefore, before using drinking water, we should pay attention to ensuring the safety and quality of drinking water. We may consider using water filters or other appropriate treatment methods to solve these problems.