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Is boiling the water in the pipe enough? 1 reason why drinking water is filtered again, dismantling the myth of filtered water dispensers

Myth 1: Tap water has been filtered in water plants, so do we still need a household filtered water dispenser?


Water treatment plants can usually only remove some pollutants, and some special contaminants, viruses or certain chemicals are difficult to filter out. Moreover, tap water is delivered to every household through water pipes. These water pipes may be aging or damaged, so they may be contaminated during the transportation process. Therefore, using a household water purifier can ensure basic water quality and improve the safety of drinking water.


Myth 2: Can household filtered water dispensers remove all pollutants?

First of all, different types of filtered water dispensers have different filtration effects. Generally speaking, household filtered water dispensers can remove bacteria and viruses. When choosing a household water dispenser, you must first understand its water filtration function, and then choose a suitable dispenser based on the water quality of your home. .